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Sheng Hua Tang (生化汤) is a Chinese herbal soup formula specially designed for mothers who have just given birth. 

It helps with clearing blood stasis.

生化汤,中医方剂名。 为理血剂,具有养血祛瘀,温经止痛之功效。 主治血虚寒凝,瘀血阻滞证。 产后恶露不行,小腹冷痛。



Sheng Hua Tang recipe consists of herbs such as Dang Gui, Cao Hong Hua, Zhi Gan Cao, Guang Tao Ren and Chuan Xiong which provides benefits in improving blood circulation, warming the channels to relieve pain, treating retention of placental fragments within uterus and helping the uterus to contract. 


Do note that for mothers who underwent cesarean and/or had excessive bleeding should delay the consumption/ check with the physician before consuming Sheng Hua Tang.

生化汤 Post-Natal Sheng Hua Soup

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